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Run a ClimAccelerator in your own context

We are open-sourcing our proven methodology shaped by over 10+ years of experience through the ClimAccelerator Operating System. As the TEDx of accelerator programmes, this empowers change agents around the world to successfully and autonomously run accelerator programmes.

Whether you are an experienced accelerator who wants to move into the climate sphere, a climate activists who wants to unleash the power of entrepreneurship, or otherwise dedicated to our purpose, you can bring ClimAccelerator to your context to scale our collective climate impact.


Your benefits

Co-develop a programme-min
  • Narrative: Branding and communication materials for fundraising and positioning. Your accelerator becomes part of a bigger story powered by a globally recognised brand, in affiliation with the EU and EIT Climate-KIC.
  • Tools: Programme management tools, content, coaching and mentoring networks. Everything you need to successfully run your own ClimAccelerator.
  • Gender Mainstreaming Handbook: Access to our WeClim Equally gender-smart handbook for implementing a gender perspective in your climate accelerator programme.
  • Climate Impact Tool: Ability to use our Climate Impact Framework to assess and validate the climate impact and business potential of the start-ups you support.
  • Community: Be a part of the Climate-KIC community and gain access to a global sourcing of start-ups.
  • Reach: Connect with local agents and partners to significantly boost your deal flow through our extensive global reach.

Your commitments

Your commitments
  • Integrate the ClimAccelerator branding in your materials
  • Use as much of the core DNA of the ClimAccelerator, such as the 3-stage model, as possible
  • Use the Climate Impact Framework to select the start-ups you want to support
  • Share start-up and climate impact data
  • Connect your local community to our global network
  • Promote other ClimAccelerator programmes
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  1. Apply for a license to run a ClimAccelerator in your region or on a specific theme
  2. We’ll review your application to ensure it complies
  3. If the application is approved, you’ll need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding
  4. You get access to all the benefits and materials of ClimAccelerator
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