Request for Proposal: Strategic and Implementation Support for the Communications Work of our ClimAccelerator Brand at EIT Climate-KIC

EIT Climate-KIC is Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate change, consisting of dynamic companies, the best academic institutions and the public sector. EIT Climate-KIC is one of three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) created in 2010 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The EIT is an EU body whose mission is to create sustainable growth. We support this mission by addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation.

We integrate education, entrepreneurship and innovation resulting in connected, creative transformation of knowledge and ideas into economically viable products or services that help to mitigate climate change. See for more information.

About the Call for Proposals:

EIT Climate-KIC, specifically the Strategic Programmes team : ClimAccelerator, is looking for support in executing the tactics of the related communications strategy to position and strengthen the ClimAccelerator brand within the existing community as well as broad global audience.

Hence, we do request the following services which will be specified in methodology and deliverables further below:

  • Review and comment on the communications strategy/plan
  • Start to work on the activities related to the plan.
  • Successfully deliver the activities agreed upon in the plan.
  • Be creative and pro-active in proposing contents for all related activities
  • Measure the outcome/results of the communications activities
  • Propose changes/improvements to the activities and overall plan.
  • Maintain a record of all activities for future review, hand-over and continuation of the work.

There is a set communications strategy aligned with the central communications team at EIT Climate-KIC with clear objectives and results, as well as activities planned to be implemented and achieved successfully in 2021. This strategy is focused on several types of ClimAccelerators which are the ones funded by the EIT as well as the Open ClimAccelerator members.



EIT Climate-KIC has set the following indicative timelines for this RFP:

Planned Date*


24th of September 2021

RFP issued publicly

Within 2 business days of receiving this RFP

Bidders to confirm they will respond to RFP

3 business days before the Submission Deadline

Deadline for bidders to submit questions on the RFP

3rd of October 2021

Bidders submit proposals / Submission Deadline

5th of October 2021

EIT Climate-KIC team to review proposals

EIT Climate-KIC to gain clarification from bidders

6th of October 2021

EIT Climate-KIC review and decision

8th of October 2021

Supplier selection/ contract award

11th of October 2021

Proposed contract start date

* EIT Climate-KIC reserves the right to amend this timetable during the RFP.


How you can participate:

  1. Review the RFP documents provided by EIT Climate-KIC, here: Final RFP for Comms Support_24 Sept 2021
  2. Email the Contract Manager letting us know you will submit a proposal (within 2 business days if possible).
  3. If you have questions on the RFP, email the Contract Manager at least 3 business days before the submission deadline. We aim to respond in a timely manner wherever possible.


In case of queries, you may contact our ClimAccelerator Team or the Contract Manager directly:


With best regards and thanks a lot,

ClimAccelerator Team