We get notifications about software updates on a weekly basis. It is common practice for the average user to simply snooze them, delaying the required update for as long as possible. But what if we could update our buildings to be up to 40 per cent more energy efficient? That is exactly what Dabbel is trying to achieve on a global scale.

“We don’t have 10-20 years to have a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions. We need something that can have an impact in the next five years.” – Abel Samaniego

Dabbel was founded in 2018 with the goal of developing a scalable, cost-efficient and sustainable software to reduce CO2 emissions in commercial buildings. The result is DABBEL AI, a software add-on replacing manual control of existing Building Management Systems with Artificial Intelligence that can operate systems autonomously and in real time. No hardware, no upfront cost: just software that can save anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of HVAC energy usage.

The idea behind Dabbel comes from its founder, Abel Samaniego, a native of southern Spain who found himself moving from an average of 25 degrees in Alicante to the freezing Polish winter, experiencing temperatures well below zero. He went on to work in the German automation industry for a few years, enough to get further acquainted with the field and find the confidence to leave and create his own company.

“I went from 25 degrees to minus 23 degrees. I was curious about the buildings, thinking they’d be very efficient, but they weren’t.” – Abel Samaniego

Dabbel joined the ClimAccelerator in 2018 and went through all three stages of the programme. “It was a key piece of what Dabbel is right now. We entered with a concept and a prototype, but we didn’t even have a business model. When we finished we had clients, processes, procurement, sales… Everything was in place,” explained Abel Samaniego.

The start-up is now one of over 70 portfolio companies backed by EIT Climate-KIC. As an impact investor, we offer the most promising Stage 2 ClimAccelerator start-ups funding and support services in exchange for future equity.

Climate SAFE is a special kind of Advanced Subscription Agreement delivered through the ClimAccelerator programme; a combination of cash and in-kind support including fast-track access to relevant EU funding opportunities, a dedicated portfolio manager, exclusive access to the ClimAccelerator marketplace and a wide variety of tools and resources, beyond the tailored training and mentorship delivered by our local delivery partners.

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