ClimAccelerator Ecosystem Day – Europe

31 May 2022, 10-12 CET

On 31 May, we are hosting our first ClimAccelerator Ecosystem Day – Europe.

The event will be focused on our Open ClimAccelerator programmes based in Europe. Current and potential partners are invited to connect, share insights and understand how our programmes address the needs of the European entrepreneurship ecosystem.

It will be an occasion to:

  • Learn more about the Open ClimAccelerator and current European partners
  • Analyse current climate entrepreneurship activities in Europe
  • Track and promote existing actors in this ecosystem
  • Identify and pursue new climate-related business opportunities in response to climate issues

Who is the event for?

  • ClimAccelerator partners in Europe who want to connect with other stakeholders and partners.
  • Representatives of incubators, accelerators, academic institutes or corporates who are interested in running an Open ClimAccelerator in their own context.

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10h: Welcome 

10h10: Presentation on the European Climate Innovation Ecosystem

10h20: Presentation on Open ClimAccelerator

10h30: South, Central & Eastern Europe Regional Partners Present

11h00: Networking Breakout Sessions

11h55: Closing