ClimAccelerator seeks programme partner to help incubate African start-ups

The call for proposals aims to identify an organisation that will implement a climate accelerator targeting 15 early-stage businesses across Africa to support the continent in catalysing systematic change.

Seven of the world’s top 10 countries most adverse to climate risks are found on the African continent. While the region is exceptionally burdened by the effects of climate change, it is also the least equipped to fight the negative impacts on agricultural productivity, water availability, health, and extreme weather events.

The slow uptake of emerging technologies is partially to blame for its vulnerability. However, these same advancements have the potential to decarbonise entire industries and economies at a much more rapid pace and scale than ever before. Supporting the development and deployment of innovative technology plays a critical role in the global response to the challenges of climate change.

“Africa needs technologies to realize true transformation in our economies while avoiding the impacts of climate change. Our poverty gap is a technology gap,” explained Ebenezer Appah Sampong, the Acting Executive Director of the Ghana Environmental Protection Agency.

Stichting Climate-KIC International Foundation (‘the Foundation’) is at the forefront of engaging in activities that provide a benefit to the climate mission, and most importantly, to the public and communities across the globe.

True to their word, the Foundation has recently joined forces with the German Corporation for International Cooperation GmbH (‘GIZ’) exclusively on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (‘BMZ’) to accelerate cleantech solutions for a net-zero Africa. The crucial support from GIZ and BMZ will enable 15 climate start-ups across Africa to participate in the three-stage ClimAccelerator programme.

ClimAccelerator is the Foundation’s platform that supports partners around the world to deliver climate-focused acceleration programmes. This round targets start-ups with transformative climate solutions that bring social and environmental value to the themes of land use, circular economy, blue economy, energy efficiency and more.

On 4 August, the programme launched an open call for organisations interested in delivering ClimAccelerator across Africa. Candidates should demonstrate a strong network throughout the continent, be able to justify a good understanding of African markets, and be able to support start-ups from various regions. It is important to note that due to COVID restrictions, the programme will be delivered primarily remotely.

The selected partner will support start-ups in validating their business model, building solid customer traction, structuring their organization, preparing them for funding rounds, and exploring to generate maximum social and environmental benefits. 

Applications must be submitted by midnight 25 August on the Foundation site. All applications should be written in English, but exceptions can be made for supporting documentation if deemed necessary. 

The application submission should include:

  • Understanding of the ClimAccelerator programme and value offered by the potential partner
  • Detailed implementation planning for the start-ups selection, onboarding, education, mentoring, market and investors linkage
  • Profiles of the accelerator team
  • Network of partners and mentors
  • Previous accelerator references, preferably related to climate
  • Detailed budget planning

For additional questions regarding the programme or the application, join us for an information session on 11 August 2021 or contact us at