EIT Climate-KIC Investor Marketplace is now ClimAccelerator marketplace

We are excited to announce that EIT Climate-KIC Investor Marketplace has been renamed to ClimAccelerator marketplace.

The simplification of our service to pure start-up and investor directories and the corresponding rebranding has been designed to align with the broader mission of Climate-KIC’s ClimAccelerator programme — to unleash the innovation potential of start-ups to shape a climate-positive new normal.

As of today, all eligible start-ups and investors can apply to be listed in the directory.

Please note that start-ups must meet the following criteria to be listed in the ClimAccelerator marketplace:

  • Currently enrolled or recently graduated from ClimAccelerator programme
  • Completed Stage 2 and/or Stage 3 of ClimAccelerator.
  • Validated their business model
  • Credible team capable of delivering on its promises
  • Actively fundraising (pre-seed, seed Series A/B/C)

Please sign up to our newsletter and/or contact marketplace@climate-kic.org if you have questions.