The Climate Vertical

The Climate Vertical supports committed founders to deliver innovative climate solutions and sustainably improve millions of lives. We want to live in a world where humans live in harmony with nature, united as one, and for that, we’ve embarked on a brave mission to create the movement which will inspire respect for nature, educate on sustainability, and accelerate high impact climate solutions. 

Our ambition is to create a global movement in fighting climate change, become a globally recognized startup accelerator brand supporting teams to build and launch climate solutions, and ultimately to become the label that validates sustainable climate solutions.

We believe that human wellbeing comes from a direct relationship with nature as we are part of it. Treating it FAIR we will surely benefit and become better humans with better lives. We can be the hero of our own lives and more importantly, the heroes for the generations to come.  

Our FAIR values are:  
Focus on impact and make change happen 
Aim high and start now 
Innovate for the sustainable future 
Respect nature and the ones around you