Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Madrid (UPM) is the 1st Spanish-Speaking Tech University and the 75th Tech university in the world. UPM has a strong commitment with the Sustainable Development Goals and is working to have a climate-neutral campus on 2040.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UPM (I&E UPM) is an area created through the Centre for Technological Innovation (CAIT UPM) to stimulate the innovation process in the technology ecosystem. I&E UPM has created and developed an “open technological ecosystem” linked to the development of products/processes based on technologies. Under this brand, the University carries out activities that includes training for entrepreneurs and incubation and acceleration of start-ups.

Specific objectives:

  • Attract innovative companies for the establishment of strategic alliances.
  • Accelerate the technology development, the maturity process towards commercialized products and services, activate the interaction with users throughout the life cycle of the products and the value in the international market.
  • Improve the growth and internationalization of startups by seeking external financial resources, agreements with investors and access to other technologies available in the ecosystem.
  • Generate service platforms for startups in order to improve their approach to the market.

UPM is the 2nd in Quality of teaching in I&E by EIT* and the 1st between Spanish Universities.